Starry Meadows Observatory Observatory Project – Phase II Progress

Phase 2 of the observatory project at Starry Meadows was started on 5 Aug with Scott Donnell, Randy Donnell, and Tom Zimmerman spending the day installing the concrete foundations for the deck.  Also present was the observatory mascot and project supervisor Anna (aussie shepherd/border collie mix).

To ensure the concrete footers were properly placed, Tom constructed a set of risers that temporarily elevates the observatory deck a few feet off the ground – giving us working room to expand the holes as needed.  Using a plumb we positioned the forms and Randy and Scott mixed and poured concrete into them.  Tom followed after using the plumb to precisely position the anchor bolts into the concrete.

In a few weeks we’ll head back down to custom cut and install the 4×4 support posts and attach the leveled deck to the footers.  That will complete phase 2.  After that we’ll assemble the observatory on the deck in phase 3,  If all goes well we hope to have  the observatory ready for use by September Skies Stare Stare.