CSAS Membership Benefits

Each individual receives, as part of their club benefits:

  • One full membership (one voting share) in CSAS and AL.
  • One group membership to the IDA.
  • One subscription to the Reflector (AL) newsletter.
  • Club discounts on subscriptions to Astronomy and Sky and Telescope magazines.
  • 10% discounts off of any astronomical book publication (administered through AL).
  • Observing program awards (administered through AL).
  • Access to the CSAS Members Only sections of our Forums and several Members Only Pages (shown under this Members Only Tab in the menu)
  • Ability to add content to the website, so you can share your knowledge and enthusiasm with the rest of us!
  • The opportunity to give back to your community by participating in events and sharing your expertise, at whatever level.
  • Access to our privately owned 40-acre observing site in Gardner, CO.

Join CSAS!