Star Party Etiquette

Bear Creek Public Star Party May 2009

Star Party Etiquette

When attending a star party there are some simple rules that we ask everyone to try and follow.

This is done for the enjoyment and safety of others and of the equipment.

1. Try to arrive before sunset. If arriving after sunset, please turn off your vehicle headlights. White lights severely diminish night vision. Also turn off your inside “dome” lights before exiting your vehicle. Folks arriving before you will be “dark adapted,” and one blast with headlights or a flashlight can set someone’s observing back by as much as 1/2 hour.

2. Do not use white light flashlights. Red light flashlights are the preferred light choice as this light does the least damage to your night vision. Use them sparingly and when in use always point them down.

3. If you need to smoke then please do so away from the viewing equipment and others.

4. Please do not touch the telescopes without permission, but don’t be afraid to ask. Never touch any of the glass optical surfaces.

5. Please no flash photography after sunset.

6. Take your time when walking around the equipment. No running is necessary.

7. Keep pets away from the equipment. Even the best trained pet can become distracted and accidentally knock over equipment.

8. Dress appropriately. Here in Colorado it gets cold when the sun sets so dress warmly and bring a coat, gloves and head gear. When you’re not moving around you’ll be colder than you would expect.

9. Keep food and drink away from the equipment.

10. Ask questions!. We will do our best to answer them for you.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to enjoy!