International Dark-Sky Association

al_ida_r4_c1The International Dark-Sky Association was incorporated in 1988 as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. IDA’s goals are to be effective in stopping the adverse environmental impact on dark skies by building awareness of the problem of light pollution and of the solutions, and to educate everyone about the value and effectiveness of quality nighttime lighting. IDA believes in a united approach that is very supportive of the many local and individual efforts. Much has been accomplished in some locations, but much more needs to be done everywhere. IDA believes that they can succeed in preserving dark skies and in improving the nighttime environment for everyone. Quality outdoor lighting is the key. IDA can and will be supportive of members’ problems concerning these issues by sharing knowledge at the local, national, and international level. IDA is also active in building awareness of the adverse problems affecting astronomy from radio frequency interference (RFI), space debris, and any other environmental impacts that have the potential to destroy our view of the universe in which we live. They are also active in efforts to preserve the beauty of the night around us. Specific areas where IDA is involved include: education on all aspects of the issues; a regular newsletter; information sheets, brochures, leaflets, economic information, examples of good lighting design, and other such resources and references; Speaker’s Bureau; documentation of good and bad lighting via photos and video; Good Lighting Awards; media contacts; press releases; marketing the issues; developing viable and effective Sections and Affiliates as resources in many communities, regions, and countries.

To join the IDA, you have two choices: join a member society or join the IDA directly.