What to see April 2016

Each Month we give a “What’s Up in the Night Sky” presentation at our monthly meeting. I’ll try to also start a monthly posting of this presentation for those that are unable to attend our meeting. Hope this works! Dave Warner

This Month: The Lyrids Meteor Shower is coming up this month with a radiant near the star Vega. A series of double moon transits of the planet Jupiter ends this month with two more that will be visible in our local night skies. We’re moving into “galaxy” season with many great galaxies and globular clusters that will be high in the night sky this month. I’ve included a couple of messier finder charts to find a couple of my favorites that are at optimum viewing this month. And finally, the Astronomical League has started a new Mercury Transit Observing Challenge where I list the requirements. Go to the AL web site for specifics to complete this challenge. The Mercury transit is May 09 and the next one won’t be until 2019 so get in on the action, get ready to see this transit and do some science!