Clear Skies Observing Guides

Web site that lets you download images geared for your equipment


A few weeks back, I was searching for places that let you view astro images from sites like DSS and came across a web site called “Clear Skies Observing Guides”.  It turned out to be a really neat place.  It contains DSS images in zipped files of images from the Messier, Caldwell, Stock, Palomar and other catalogs that I never heard of like Dolidze, and Holmberg.  What is really neat about them is that they come in different editions that you can download depending on the kind of scope you own and the images will orient as they would in your particular scope.  The editions are for 5-6″ scopes, 8-10″, and 12″ scopes.  In addition, the orientations are: unmirrored, mirrored horizontally, mirrored vertically and mirrored horizontally and vertically.  There are also editions that cover all of the constellations. More